Why Buy Vinyl Window Designs Windows?

There are 17 answers to this question.
Every window company will tell you, “We make ‘the best’ windows”. Some will tell you, “We’re #1″. Others will say, “Canada’s most trusted window company”. The list is endless. As an astute consumer, you realize that these claims mean exactly nothing. We respect you too much to grab a megaphone and join the crowd screaming in your ear. Instead, we want you to consider the following facts about our windows that speak for themselves.

1. ENERGY STAR® Manufacturer of the Year – Committed to Green Window Technologies
2. VWD is an Industry Leader – a Top 10 Company to Watch
3. Patented Hidden Roll Screen
4. Revolutionary Magnetic Screen System
5. Quiet Window Technology – for a more Peaceful Environment
6. Diamond Premium Glass – See and Hear the Difference
7. Brand Name PPG Insulating Glass Packages
8. Stainless Warm Edge Spacer with Unique Benefits
9. The Right LOW-E Glass for Your Home
10. Traditional Double Hung Windows – Advanced Engineering
11. Affordable Insulation Values Exceeding R8
12. Accessorize with Style – Interior and Exterior Accessories for your Home
13. The Right Colours – Even the Right White!
14. Grills that Decorate – Choices, Options, Styles
15. Low-rise Windows with High-rise Technology
16. It’s all in the Details – and We Have Lots of Them
17. Windows for Life™ – the Strength and Security of an Industry Leader



What is low E?

Low E stands for low thermal emissivity which is a quality of a surface that radiates, or emits, low levels of radiant thermal (heat) energy.. 


What is Argon?

A gas which is used for thermal insulation in energy efficient windows.


Why choose Enviro Colour Coatings?

New Exterior Coatings for Vinyl Windows combine better performance with environmental responsibility. Enviro Colour Coatings come with our exclusive “Exterior Colour ten year warranty” which includes undue fade! Note: Wood Grain as shown is interior only. Enviro Colour Coating is exterior only. 


Why is your product superior to other manufacturers?

We have investigated the performance, quality and warranty of other windows and doors manufacturers and found that our chosen suppliers are the best in the business and our customer satisfaction rate reflects this.. 


Why did you change your company name in 1994?

We relocated and purchased our current location in Oshawa therefore Durham Windows and Doors was a better name for a company based in Oshawa.


I feel I have a warranty claim, how do I exercise it?

Contact Durham Windows and Doors 905-579-2222.


What are the advantages of fibreglass over wood and steel?

Unlike wood doors, fibreglass won’t dent, crack, split or splinter. Unlike steel doors, fibreglass won’t dent, rust or warp, either. Fibreglass also resists shrinking and swelling with temperature changes, allowing the finish to last three times longer than on a wood door. The solid polyurethane foam core offers five times greater insulation value than wood doors.


Why should I select a Dorplex door?

Dorplex is the market leader and innovator in custom steel and fibreglass door technology in Canada. Their steel and fibreglass doors are more durable and energy-efficient than wood doors. Because of their commitment to quality, their lines of steel and fibreglass doors are backed by their limited Lifetime Warranty–the best in the industry.