Windows Durham


When it comes to installation, details matter. To make sure your new windows and doors perform optimally—and to avoid nullifying your warranty—installation should be handled with the highest level of care: the perimeter must be insulated, sealed, and waterproofed, with all parts moving properly and freely. Our professional team will install your windows and doors with care, with the utmost respect for your family, home, and schedule. Just choose your perfect set of windows and doors, and we’ll handle the rest.

We work with Vinyl Window Designs Ltd Based in Woodbridge, Ontario is our Window, Patio Door and Aluminum Storm Door supplier. They have been supplying those products exclusively since 1987.

All products have been tested and approved to the CSA A440-M98 Window Standard. Windows are tested for air and water penetration as well as undergoing structural testing for wind load deflection. All windows meet strict standards for resistance to forced entry. Multiple tests are performed to create increasingly adverse conditions in order to determine the performance limits of the window. As part of their vision for growth with quality control, every effort has been made to bring the extrusion process “in house”.